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Kendal Hills Equine is proudly committed to providing the horses in our care with the most optimal nutrition, environment, reproduction and medical standards in the industry. The farm consists of 200 acres of large fenced paddocks and forage, and of course the Kendal Hills staff to assist in the development of our future equine athletes.


Whether you are considering boarding a mare or stallion, breeding a mare or stallion, having semen transportated, or purchasing one of the farm-bred yearlings - you can be sure that any horse will receive the best care that can be offered.


Check out the breeding services below.


Semen Collection

We do private collections for owners who would like to bring their stallion to Kendal Hills. A fee will be charged per collection and includes the collection, semen preparation and Equine Express Shipper packaging for fresh cooled semen. Private collections are not limited to any days or breeding season, but please contact us several days ahead of time to allow for scheduling.


Semen Shipping & Delivery 

FedEx: You must have a valid FedEx account number. FedEx will invoice the recipient.


Breeding Board for Broodmares

Kendal Hills offers exceptional breeding board for mares. Our veterinarian visits the farm 3 times a week to check our broodmares throughout the breeding season. Mares are closely monitored to achieve the best possible conception rates. Our in-barn laboratory and veterinary room allows for most services to be done onsite. Palpations, inseminations, uterine infusions, breeding caslicks, and many other procedures can all be done without having to move or stress our broodmares with or without foals by their side.


We also order and pickup semen from outside stallions for mares in breeding board at Kendal Hills.


Foaling Board for Broodmares

Whether you choose to keep your broodmare at Kendal Hills year round or just to foal out, we offer the absolute best care for the mare and foal. Our oversized foaling stalls are bedded on a layer of absorbent shavings covered with a thick layer of dust free straw and are all equipped with heat lamps.


Mares are closely monitored leading up to their predicted foaling date, and whereever possible, we have a foaling log from previous deliveries for each mare. During foaling season we have staff on watch 24 hours a day. Additionally, our indoor arena allows us to turn out our youngest foals even in inclement weather conditions.


Foal, Weanling, and Yearling Board

We offer boarding throughout all stages of a young horse's life, whether it be at the mare's side, in our foal herd as a weanling, or in our colt and filly groups as yearlings. Our facility is set up to foster healthy mental and physical development of our equine athletes by means of our caring staff, our safe stalls and fencing, our well matched herds, and our spectacular pastures.


Please contact us for more information on any of the above services.

Semen Collection
Semen Shipping
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